About the "Baker"

Welcome to the blog of a self-proclaimed baker! This blog is dedicated to sharing different easy-to-make desserts with limited equipment (heck, I didn't even own a mixer for 3 years!) and making use of common ingredients. Don't you just hate bumping through an amazing recipe, but finding out that it requires a hard to find ingredient?

Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Po, a 21 year old graduate from the University of the Philippines with the degree of BS Tourism (Management). You might get the impression that my passion for baking is connected with my course - but it's not. My passion for baking developed in a unique way... by taking pictures of food.

Now, I live online: I work as an E-Commerce Manager of a retail company, and as the VP for Operations of a budding online clothing brand. And most of all, I dedicate my spare time to this blog! :) I really love baking, and I want to share it all online. As you see, all the things I do has something to do with the internet.

My favorite part of making a dessert is decorating it! Although I never had a formal baking course, I love challenging myself with unique and seemingly hard to execute designs - most of it I learn online! I aim to share my art work and to add knowledge for first time bakers on how to make pretty desserts. Maybe you can share me yours, too? ;)

All photos in this blog are mine, unless stated so. If you want to use my photos, please ask permission from me.

Contact me at frostandserve@gmail.com

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