Saturday, March 7, 2015

KitKat Cake | How To

The perfect pair? It's salt and pepper. Chocolate and strawberry. Pancakes and syrup. Cookies and cream. Kitkat and M&Ms. You and me. Wait, whaaaaat? (Don't try that pick-up line, folks).

But seriously, though. This is an amazingly pretty cake. C'mon, just the sight of KitKat is a show-stopper; but add M&Ms to it? Stunning. The best part here is that it's easy to assemble! To make things easier, you can just use cake mix and store bought frosting because the point of this cake is how you design it. With imagination, you can add your personal touch to make the design yours - like replacing M&Ms with your favorite candy. Tootsie Rolls, perhaps? (Hello, Nikki!)

This cake is famous on the 'net, and I just want to share with you my (3rd) attempt! Unconventional to the ones circulating around the net (chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream), the inside is Red Velvet Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting. It's for a 4th Birthday Party. The celebrant loved it so much, that I had to ask someone to literally restrain her from pulling KitKat and/or picking the candy in order to take a decent pic! With all those pretty colors going on, it's irresistible. And who can say no to KitKat, right?

It's as easy as 1-2-3! Here's how you can make yours, too :)

1. Prepare the cake. You could either make a cake from scratch, or use a boxed cake mixture. The flavor depends on your taste, but Chocolate cake is most commonly used. Be sure to prepare a frosting as well - again, either make it from scratch or buy a canned frosting. Just make sure it's creamy enough to make the KitKat stick on the cake. I've tried making a version with chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream, and another with red velvet cake and chocolate cream cheese. I prefer a chocolate frosting so it's the same color as KitKat.
2. Stick the KitKat on the cake. Start by breaking the KitKat into individual fingers. Sticking them on the cake in 2's or 4's will make you use more as it covers less surface area. If your frosting is not that creamy enough, pipe a little frosting on the back of the KitKat finger before sticking it on the cake. You may wrap a ribbon around the cake to make it stick better - or just for design!
3. Top with M&Ms or any other chocolate/candy. Some tops it with other types of chocolates like Kirkland or Ferrero. I like to decorate mine by just randomly pouring the candy on the cake; others like to be super organized and sort it by color in a circular design.

Keep in mind that you'll use a lot of KitKat and M&Ms. A lot. Seriously. That was my mistake for my first two attempts. If in case you ran out of KitKat but had no more time to run to the store, give space between the fingers so it can still cover the cake (even if it's sparse). If you're short on M&Ms and have no other candy substitute, pour the candy on the outer line and work your way in until where your candy can.

But hey, all those chocolate is worth it! I hope you'll give this a try!

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